About Me

Hi, my names Roderick, but on the internet, I generally go by my middle name, “Bob”.

I’m a web marketer, and One More Cup of Coffee is a website where I teach people ways to start an online company and earn money from home.

I wasn’t always an internet marketer; in fact, I’ve done quite a few different tasks for many years.

But internet marketing was the profession path that ‘clicked’ for me, primarily since I might do it from the convenience of my own home and according to my own schedule.

However let’s start a bit additional back; if you’re going to get to know me, you must know a bit about where I’m from and what I’ve done.

I matured in California, however left right after graduating high school to travel in Europe. I was entirely bored in the US and wanted to see the world. At the time, I had a pal living in Prague, so used her home as my “home base” between journeys. When I needed money or had some down-time, I freelanced as an English teacher.

Eventually I landed a quite sweet task as a kindergarten instructor, so I was officially earning money to play duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for a couple of hours a day.

After a couple of years doing that, I broadened my horizons and set my sights on China. I wished to learn Mandarin and begin the next chapter in my journeys: Asia.

I required a plan.

I can’t actually remember how the idea was born, but it struck me that I might generate income on the internet.

If I might somehow make US dollars while living abroad, I could live like a king.

I could work anywhere in the world and have cash flowing in while I sleep (on US time).

It took me about six months, from about January to June (2010) of searching around different websites, joining lots of subscriber list, watching hours of marketing videos, and following my share of supposed “masters” prior to I encountered Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, I do not even remember which site referred me to WA, however the point is that I got there and started my training in June 2010.

By September of that exact same year I had made my very first sale, and I was connected.

I could really earn money online.

The rest of my online marketing journey removes here, which you’re welcome to read.

However I want to discuss myself some more!

So it’s 2013 now, I have actually gone back to the US, and work full-time as an internet online marketer.

Offer You a Money TreeI have actually got a couple websites, however what I really enjoy doing is building different types of websites, searching for brand-new earnings streams, and try out different types of marketing methods.

Another Cup of Coffee is about helping YOU.

Numerous individuals have actually helped me along the way, I think it’s time to “pay if forward”, and give back to the community.

After remaining in this industry for about 4 years now, I have actually seen numerous rip-offs, misguiding offers, and hyped sales pages claiming that you can make a billion dollars in 5 days with this one “secret system”

It’s a load of BS.

At the same time, even great deals of the honest guys have difficulty discussing things in an easy way, or just don’t have the persistence to stroll you through the child steps.

I do.

I’ve got a free starter course that you can sign up with that is designed particularly for newbies wanting to begin generating income online. I’ve secured all the hype and fraud techniques that masters utilize, and explained the concepts of how I (yes, ME) generate income on the internet.

You can sign up with the free course below, PLUS, if you join, you’ll be immediately registered for future updates that I send to my customers. This includes complimentary insight about how I build my sites, ridiculous errors I’ve made, and tips for squeezing more profit from your own services.

I like my subscribers, and respond to all emails, which is another amazing aspect of being a special member of my site. Where else can you get 1-on-1 support building an online service?

If you have any concerns or comments you can call me here, leave a remark below, or just react to the e-mail that remains in your inbox awaiting you after you register for the course.

I have actually got a number of social networks accounts, you understand, Facebook, Twitter, etc, but the majority of the time I’m on Google+.

If you remain in the Central Valley, drop me a line. We can get a beer (or coffee) and talk internet marketing or just life in general.

And on one last note, I ‘d truly prefer to discover how to cruise, so if you know the best ways to sail, or know someone that does, I ‘d enjoy to talk about some kind of teacher-exchange where we can gain from each other.

Here are some pages I recommend you read, to find out more about what I need to offer at Banthus, and how you can start your Web marketing Business.

See you at the top,

Bob Smith