Which Article Directories Should I Submit My Articles To?

This is a question that I’ve seen frequently asked on blogs and forums recently and is essential to any Article marketing plan. It is crucial that the goals for an article’s marketing strategy, whether it is to increase targeted traffic or generate backlinks, is considered when determining the process of submission. This is why there will be no one perfect submission method that is applicable to all affiliate sites This article provides the general guidelines for where you should put your submission to get the best outcomes.

Submitting to relevant websites with content

My first suggestion is to submit your content to niche-specific article directories. This is particularly relevant for those who want to generate targeted traffic by submitting high-quality and relevant to their niche. These types of websites provide the most targeted traffic , and are usually highly regarded in the field. You might have to submit an email and provide a reason for your submission, however if you’re highly skilled, you will be approved. The worth of backlinks may not be particularly significant, as they’re not ranked as highly. Google page rank could be much lower than the larger directories, however when you consider targeted and repeated traffic over a prolonged period, the value of each client should be very significant. There are also directories for articles that have very strict guidelines on who they allow as authors, however when you are accepted, this type of content, it is likely to gain greater weight in the near future.

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Submit your to the main directory of articles

The next step is to submit the article to directories with high page rank The most effective ones are those that have the content reviewed by humans manually. The most effective examples of this type of website are EzineArticles that has been the market leader for a long time, and GoArticles and ArticlesBase that I would rate as the second top two (or at the very least, have provided me with the most favorable results). The Articles Dashboard as well as Buzzle are two other sites I have personally used, or have usedbefore, but for more sites simply do a Google search for directories of articles on Google and it will bring many lists of websites. Certain of these more controlled websites for articles are highly regarded by Google due to the fact that they put in more effort to ensure that their content is of the highest quality. The new Google algorithm means that that content is now more important and the more selective directories are, the more importance your writing hours will be awarded. If your content is top-quality, they will likely receive lots of page views and their exposure could be viral. This is another benefit of writing high-quality content because readers will naturally be more likely to recommend them to other people. This means that you could get a massive readership in only a few days after the time your article is published.

The most effective article directories offer the most effective backlinks

Additionally, with high-quality articles and high numbers of readers is the possibility of republishing your content. This is the best method to gain many backlinks by submitting your article to a single article site You are able to optimize your content to generate new backlinks in a rapid manner when you put in just a few hours on every day. I don’t really agree with the marketers who view articles as merely an instrument for backlink creation and therefore write short and ineffective articles.

The main benefit of the method that is republish-focused is that it will save you much time writing articles for hundreds of directories. You can instead spend the few hours it could take to expand your writing portfolio by creating new content. If you put in an extra couple of hours on each one, the potential for backlinks is enormous and, if you’ve got an ability to write it, you might even be able to get your name on other top rankings websites. That’s why I don’t suggest submitting your content to more than ten of the top article directories which include the ones mentioned above. In addition, the majority of these directories only drive a small number of users to your website and in reality the backlinks you get are essentially useless. In conclusion, I suggest focus on quality to ensure that your articles will do all the backlink promotion and promotion do the work for you over the long term.

If you’re planning on writing more than you can handle and the sole goal you can achieve is to build many more backlinks, there are a few of guidelines you need to adhere to. First, you must ensure that you spin your content This means that you change your content a bit every time you submit them to ensure that you don’t get penalized with duplicate content from the search engines. There are free programs available to assist you in this, but I’ll stress that this requires time and effort that could be better spent on writing more effective articles to begin with. Another tip is to utilize automated software to submit your article to several directories at the same time This service is available at a low cost from a variety of sites however it is highly likely that any website accepting articles with no confirmation will not give you an effective backlink. In reality, one backlink from EzineArticles is likely to be worth around 200 from otherlow quality sites for article submission.

Squidoo lenses

The next step is to create an Squidoo lens using the content I’ve already written. I usually rewrite them extensively to avoid any sort of penalization from search engines. My top lenses receive a significant amount of traffic, particularly when they expand in size, and the backlinks I receive for my website are becoming more important. It is also possible to link to your original content from Squidoo to assist your content be found on the first page of Google keywords quickly.

Promote your content

The final step is crucial and is often overlooked by article marketing. Particularly for your top articles, you must try to create some backlinks, as I have done with Squidoo that directs users to the Ezine articles. There are many methods to achieve this: make use of free advertising sites to publish hyperlinks, social bookmarking websites such as Stumble Upon and Reddit, social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook, and also publish on forums and blogs with links to your posts. Whatever you can think of, do it. If you are thinking about it, you’re creating a new backlink as the extension to your own website . With the increasing popularity of your content comes a higher worth for each backlink that goes to your affiliate sales page , and more targeted traffic results.

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