Things We Need To Learn Before Starting A Niche Blog


Before beginning a blog one should be aware that blogging is a process that can be undertaken by anyone, however an effective blog is not everybody’s cup of tea. It isn’t easy to blog especially when the objective is to generate money. Just starting a blog, stuffing it with basic instruments and throwing content into it is not enough to make it successful. One needs to incorporate the business of blogging to make money, however, you must remember that blogging is a dazzling process, which requires patience.

Why Niche Blog and Not An Ordinary One?

The concept of a Niche blog is much better than a normal blog since it is easy to controlled due to the limited contents and the number of visitors. It’s highly beneficial for people who are interested and generates.

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It is also recommended for financial generation as its ads are more often clicked than normal ones. Chances of better Google ranking are also better in it.

Essential Things To Learn; Tangible and Intangible Elements

1. Tangible Elements

a. The look of the blog

The award-winning blogs are always themed. The design of a blog is among the first thing that is the primary element that expresses its theme. A blog with a focus on education is made with a background of alphabets, stationary, and books or with the theme of education, if it’s an individual blog.

The approach should be enticing and balanced. Balanced means to avoid complicated concepts. It should also be clear and user-friendly i.e. it should not be confusing to a user about where to go in order to complete a specific function’. The widgets that are commonly used, such as sharing at social networking sites and sharing the content on websites are displayed on the last page, and the categories are kept at the top of the page. The website owner should not hesitate to use the standard methods to make his website unique, as the visitors are habitual of those tactics and might experience the burden of operating.

b. Content of blog

The blog’s content should be specific to the niche of the blog. The blog’s content should be informative and appealing. The headings must be utilized in the hypertext of each page in order to make it prominent in search engines. The content must grab the reader’s focus and keep their attention for a a longer time. The word limit is also extremely important. The excessive length of content is usually put at the mid-point for many subjects like documentary, drama animals, culture, etc. However, niches like tourism, education, politics socialism, and so on can be over the word limit to the extent as they require. The ideal word count is 250-500 words.

C. Tools for focusing attention of the reader

It is important to learn how to make use of the tools to draw attention of readers. These kinds of tools can help in increasing the amount of traffic. They include widgets, such as tags, pictures, videos and Facebook sharing, email posting, sharing on Twitter comments and more.

d. Making use of Blogger gadgets, widgets and tools

A complete understanding of widgets and gadgets for blogs is essential. It is suggested that at least a week should be dedicated to understanding and practicing the blog’s features. WordPress is the ideal platform to create blogs since it comes with more tools than other platforms. It’s also easier to use. These devices include videos and images, tags, customization etc.

The monetary projections are a. The monetary projection

A blog that is niche is ideal to generate income. A blog geared toward financial growth always has a space to place ads. Ads should be put on the main page of a blog after it has gained a significant following. To draw attention to the blog one must study the niches that are effective to draw a bigger audience.

f. Tools for improving Google position

This is a little technical, but yet not difficult. The tools used to increase Google rank include Google Analytics, Backlinks etc. Google Analytics is used to analyze the position of one’s blog on Google. Backlinks are the connective links between blogs. They are designed to boost your blog’s visibility to the public. In this regard, the advice should be taken from someone skilled in the field prior to launching the blog. Other options include using HTML code for headers and SEO.

2. Intangible Elements

a. Research

A thorough research should be conducted on the particular niche which is going to become the main focus of one’s business. Research helps the owners in taking a better choice and also provides many options for niches.

b. Language tools

A visitor-supportive language should be adopted when writing a blog. Remember! Everyone is not familiar with your vocabulary.

c. Vision-friendly outlook

It is important to remember that the blog is something like a “blog” and is not a firework. The visitors may have browsed hundreds of blogs or websites before they reach out to your blog. A too glitzy and gaudy design could make them feel overwhelmed.

d. Read famous blogs

Check out the most popular blogs regularly, and check them with technical point-of-view also. This will help you understand the best practices to use for your blog too.


There are no shortcuts to success. It is a business that requires patience and requires you to wait until it is successful. Thus, you must continue running your blog as a side business in case you don’t receive a considerable finance by running your own blog. However, remember! There are many successful blogs out there that generate tens of thousands of dollars each month. They didn’t eat up accounts of the proprietors from the beginning. They were also created by the ‘beginners’. You could also join them. All you require are guidelines and perseverance! There are guidelines, and patience..inside you!

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