15 Famous Blogs From America!

As I am a young American living in this wonderful country, I am very proud of that. It should be! Every other person from all over the world ought to feel the same. Happy for a country which has taken on its rights to the human race and its citizens even though they aren’t doing it anymore.

This is something I’m not proud of. Some of the things spoken about from the US and actions that were made have really hurt its reputation or the rest of the world. However, enough to talk about politics in this article!

The internet is a very vast area. It is growing at a rapid pace since the 90’s. Also, to classify blogs or websites as belonging to a specific region or country is quite absurd. This means that someone living in Siberia in an igloo may access any blog that is going to be published here.

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I mean it’s like trying to separate American Sand from other countries. Sand is sand. Trying to distinguish between the two is ridiculous!

This article is talking about blogs that are extremely popular and quite bizarre, and originated from The United States. I was interesting to discover those blogs with an “funny” smell to them. I actually find them fascinating. It makes you want to read even in the event that ” ‘liking’ is not on your mind at the moment.”

This article is not really the type on, “Hey, let’s learn something new today! “ or, “Let me brush my memory and clean those focals on that particular topic” as it were.

Everybody likes a laugh every now and then.

If things would be so serious, damn.

Don’t really know how the world will function. Let’s break away of the norm and have fun with the blogs being featured here.

1. The Onion

This is a fact that has been ranked at the top of the list. It’s pure American dumbness! It’s funny, however. A blog that publishes articles which makes fun of anything strange that’s happened in this nation and throughout the globe.

YouTube has videos YouTube that have fooled by the millions. I was deceived by a YouTube video that talked about how Justin Bieber was found dead. However, I discovered that it was a fiction story. LOL

2. Fail Blog

A “fail” blog. Was it a failure as a blog? Naw. These types of blogs can be very funny! It’s a lot of fun to read the blog and find humorous headlines and articles. Just like I was scrolling through and some of the headlines I saw, “Changing a Tire FAIL”, “Nothing is responding”, What happens in Vegas makes me shiver” and “Yo-Yo Skills Gain”.

It was created in 2008 and was bought a little later by the Cheezburger Network. I took this excerpt from Wikipedia about how it became popular.

Fail Blog “really started to take off when the financial industry decided to – ahem – fail.”


It’s like a sunny day over at this blog. It’s a great blog! Particularly the header and design of it! Pink Yo! This blogger is a well-known blogger. Everybody in the blogging world has heard about him and his name!

Take this. He said this about blogging “because it seemed easy.” It is probably to some extent however, to increase the size of your blog is like trying to count number of hairs on your scalp! It’s not easy, is it?

His blog talks about all the latest celebrity news and gossip about it, which has caused quite a bit of controversy in that world. It’s still a pretty sick blog. Perez.

4. The Daily Beast

A political blog. A bit of a snob but “it’s time to make some of the politicians!” They don’t do much!

It’s probably like Perez’s blog. This time it surrounds itself within the realm of politics.

5. Mashable

Hey. I’m sure I’ve got this one! Dude? What is the point of this odd one? The author didn’t really add this one to mock! I really like this blog because it’s like what it offers to my blog.

I decided to include Mashable because they’ve been working for so long to produce fantastic content with a humorous tongue inside! This deserves to be on the list! They talk about all the stories of social media,

“but also covers news and developments in mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web development, technology, memes and gadgets.” – Wikipedia

Take a look! You’ll love it!

6. Brain Pickings

Haha I love the design. Toothpicks being pulled out of the man’s head. Another blog that I ain’t familiar with. According to what I’ve read it’s a site that can help us discover something new about the world or enthral our minds with an incredible feat! This is some amazing stuff!

7. Laughing Squid

Like the blog was just viewed over us. The creative people I know can surely learn form these two. So I don’t be lazy, I went the About page to find out exactly what this blog is all about.

“Laughing Squid features interesting art, culture & technology from around the web.” We need to be aware of!

8. Pink Sith

This header! Is that Darth Vader with a boob! Go to admit, that was the first time I observed Darth Vader changed to somewhat like a woman! It’s pretty cool!

The blog is written and owned by Elvira with articles written about Cosmetics and makeup. Ladies?

9. TreeHugger

No! This blog is not about the environment nor the idea that you should hug trees! No! The name also caught my attention. That tells me to say this.

Make sure you have a distinctive and intriguing name for your website. It’s a bizarre psychological strategy that will draw visitors to your site. It’s always intriguing to me. The name is always intriguing and leaves me wondering about what the site is all about.

“TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.”

10. Boing Boing

A quite familiar blog to many of you since is was established by the year 2000. The thing that was interesting was to learned that Boing Boing was first a magazine. Then it became an online site, and then finally a blog.

Boing Boing seems to talk about news that is interesting every day and it seems that science is corrupt? Don’t know.


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