Act Now To Do Yourself A FAVOR!

If, you hope, to be the best, you can possibly be, then you have to strive to do so, proactively and in a well – considered, and planned manner! You should be consistently, ready, willing and able to accept/ assume, personal responsibilityfor your own futuresuccess and happiness, self-satisfaction, and happiness! Instead of settling for, and limiting your options, simply because you’re unwilling to go beyond the self – imposed limitations that are your personal comfortable zone, you should be proactive and pursue a course of action, which is, best, for you! Don’t accept, merely, good enough, but, rather, constantly, insist on, the highest level in your personal performance! Wouldn’t you like to do yourself a FAVOR,and seek to become your ideal friend and ally in addressing any and all weaknesses and, more efficiently, using your strengths? With that in mind, this article will try to briefly look at, analyze, review, and discuss using the mnemonic approach that this symbolizes, and how it is a real benefit for you.

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1. Face facts; future and personal plans that you can furnish and bring to fruition fate:Avoid any tendency, to be a lie to yourself. Instead, face the facts, proactively! Make a plan for yourself, which will help you furnish your future with a better outlook, and then provide the necessary as well as the necessary details to bring it to fruition! It is your choice to acknowledge that you are able whether to become, the master of your destiny and your destiny, or not!

2. Attitude; concentration ability; actionsWill you move forward with positive, real attitude, able- to-do attitude, without wearing rose-colored glasses, and see obstacles as opportunities to conquer, instead of frustrating, challenges? How can you build relevant crucial skills and knowledge-set and also the highest level of aptitude for your priorities, and perceptions? Only if you go in the right direction, and you do so in a timely manner, with well deliberate, actions is this a possibility!

3. Visualize; values; virtues; values:When when you envision your life’s future, what do you visualize and what is the reason behind it? What virtues are most essential, to you? How can you ensure that you are aligned, maximizing your personal value, in keeping the highest ethical and moral standards?

4. Opportunities; options open-minded enhance:Consider all viable options as well as alternatives, and search for the finest available opportunities, or even create your own opportunity! Proceed with an open – mind and prioritize what’s best for you, if you want to maximize your possibilities in the near future!

5. Relevant, responsive; responsible real and rationale/ reasoningWill you be able to prove that your logic, as well as your personal reasoningare pertinent, real, and accountable? You must assume personal responsibility to build the most exciting future!

To be your best self, you must be ready, and willing, to perform yourself a favor,and proactively seek, the finest, possible, way to go! Avoid shortcuts, or what might appear to be, a path, of least resistance, instead, insist on you to be at the top of your game, every moment of the day!

Richard has owned businesses as COO and CEO, Director of Development as well as a consultant. He has managed events, provided advice to thousands of people, and led personal development workshops for over four decades. Rich has published three books and thousands of articles.

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