Overcoming Original Sin – 8 Pivotal Scriptures Simplified

What is this term used to describe the earliest “original sin”?

Bible calls it expulsion of the Garden of Eden: the guilt incurred from Adam and Eve following their disobedience to God. While making for great reading, these lovely verses and stories are heavily codified by scholars who were able to comprehend the complexities of their time – so some practical interpretations, in relation to the need to take personal action, is required.

The Bhagavad-Gita is a reference to the original sin – but not in such terms — as: the three nature-related gunas, which are: Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. These three gunas- the three laws that govern nature — creation as well as maintenance and dissolution reflect the rules under which we are all born.

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Both Bible and Bhagavad Gita — through their distinct wordingsexplain Truth as a reality that every human being has to face at some point or, in other words accept it practicality, not just doctrines and beliefs.

Therefore, let us simplify the meaning of “original sin”.

“Original” means “existent from beginning’, primordial or archetype, and ‘sin’ specifically is the term used to describe’missing the spiritual mark’ instantly.

Many speak of ‘original sin’ as the subconscious mind. This perspective — as we’ll discover — brings us a lot closer, from the practical standpoint, to the intuitively sought solution.

A number of ancient sin terms


The River Jordan

Joshua 3:4-5; 5:10-12.

In Bible terms, the River Jordan represents the downward flow — from birth — of our mental processes. That downward flow must be reversed to upward flow: spiritually, divinely, hence the expression born again”second birth” or spiritual awakening, to name a few.

River Jordan is symbolism of sub-consciousness and the absence of awakened spiritual nature. Crossing the Jordan within, then, is meant for purification. When realignment to the lower ‘worlds of sin’ thinking processes manifests in the form of an experience.

The crossing of the Jordan thus represents inner activity and a spiritual journey to arrive to the honey and milk on the other side of the river or, finally, entering to the Promised Land.

In the real world, ‘the other side of the Jordan”the promised land’ refers to transcendence of human consciousnessthe expansion of consciousness or the totality of brain function.

When the Bible says, Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan, it means that our inherent higher awareness grows, expands, and comes into direct conscious contact with our own Christ within. Transcendence also signifies the experiential awareness of the ‘other side’ — or risen Consciousness -that is, hearing and seeing, as well as touching the heart of the spiritual higher self.

This new state of mind represents total opposite of ‘original sin’ and its addictive behavior patterns.

It’s also our individual means of abolishing disease-attracting consciousness such Coronavirus, and other such problems. The Antidote is already present within everyone, we first must understand what ‘original sin’ is to understand what we’ll learn.

Other biblical phrases that refer to this “must be shed” ignorance.

John 14–30

“The prince of this world and had nothing in my life’.

The term “this world’ is specifically referring to the ‘world of sin’ not the planet Earth.

“Prince” thus is a reference to ‘ruler of that world’s filth’, Satan, or ‘the subconscious as the primary power behind the lower thought standard, the one responsible for creating and maintenance of spiritual ignorance, the determinant of one’s decisions. Satan represents non-soul-serving mind-sets or negative life patterns and is often referred as the lower-ego.

The term ‘ruler of the world’ refers to an internal dynamic that is part of the mind, a dynamic referred to as the sleeping mind, which is living without conscious awareness through auto-repeating programming that is unaware of our spiritual Transcendent standard.

“Had nothing in Me”

Biblical Jesus (higher consciousness) when saying: ‘the prince was not in Me” is a reference to the fact the sub-conscious aspect that causes involuntary sin is not able to rule over Me, Me referring to the Transcendent Christ standard latent within every one of us.

There is no associational sin nature can exist within Pure Consciousness.

The Transcendent Consciousness of God or Christ in the midst of supreme power forever.

That, it’s through our personal Christ Pure Consciousness. The dynamic of ‘original sin’ comes to be integrated, as “the prince” falls in neutrality, rendered mutual.

This understanding is what lies behind the Bhagavad Gita’s earlier verse in ch2 vs 45 “Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna” to transcend the nature laws which are the cause and sustainer of original sin. Also, you should meditate and transcend.

Bible antidote for original sin:

John 1 – 29

‘Behold The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’.

“Lamb” here refers to the Transcendent state that exists within. ‘Behold’ meaning that we transform this ‘Lamb that heals and Wholeness’ an actual reality within our mental spheres of reference and our daily lives. We achieve this by transcending the laws of nature daily – encountering ‘the Lamb and overcoming the pull-attraction of the ‘prince of the world’ the unconscious dynamic and thereby waking up from the cycle of ignorance of the laws generating the state of low awareness.

By meditative methods we have chosen the verse serves as an invitation unto soul freedom from the original sin. The only thing that can do this is Pure Transcendental Consciousness will be able to eliminate the unconscious structures that the subconscious mind set in perpetuity until one attains personal transcendence.

John 14:29-31

‘Get up and leave here’

“Get up” refers to letting us be free from the causes of suffering. Let us rise to the level of the level of cosmic consciousness. Let us grow out of obligatory addiction as well as the numerous kinds of mental torture that are unnecessary such as depression, fear and worry.

When ‘get up’ is begun with intent — through the process of inner silence — the’suffering’ part has served its primary purpose of heralding a new level of cosmic consciousness that we can consciousness.

It is like smelling the scent of the roses for the first-time through clear and elevated senses is obvious. Wisdom once ‘blind’ to appears to be a part of our determined intellect. In other words, intuition that we had not recognized before begins to surface and making perfect sense in the realm of our comprehension.

John: 5:1-18

“Arise, take up your bed and walk”.

This follows on from the verse in the end of increasing our consciousness. Increase your cosmic awareness by using the nervous system, the physiology, and away from corruption and the related mental patterns of cellular decay. life.

We also recall the biblical beggar sitting outside the Temple Gate: meaning he did not rise from their “original sin” consciousness until they reached spiritual abundance and Transcendental consciousness.

Romans 7-15 describes it:

“I do not understand what I do; for I don’t do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate”.

This verse is describing perfectly the structure of “original sin,” which is the carry-over of content that operates independently of our seeming conscious aware mind. It is a set of behavioural patterns carried out under laws for spiritual ignorance.

Original sin, therefore, is an aspect of our consciousness through that the mind’s lower part functions by itself, with no conscious input. The paradox is that ‘original sin’ is also the way to reach higher states of awareness, which is what we’ve read.

Initial Sin Recurring as Mental Condition

Research has shown that if we don’t control our mind, then mind will control us. In this regard, due to the absence in direct awareness of Being which is the motivational force known as Holy Spirit and Kundalini — the non-spiritually aware mind makes its own standards of low conscience, low mental and physical health subconsciously; it does so by taking advantage of the generations-old “original sin” thinking patterns. It does this unchallenged until the mental loop of ignorance is broken consciously by silent contemplation.

This is the main theme of the ‘Adam and Eve story in which they ate of the knowledge tree, the source of the good as well as evil. Also, discernment through the lower me/mine ego by the constantly constant law of original sin , and the associated mind-sets, and the associated world perspective of power as well as greed and material wealth at any cost.

Transcendence and becoming Soul Free

This is the process of releasing our soul from the original sin is all about expanding our consciousness and which allows us to connect with our higher cosmic consciousness or divine nature.

Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, Verse 45 provides as the ideal method:

“Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna”

meaning: transcend the endless laws of nature in meditation – laws of the mind — source and maintainer of the ‘original sin’.

The Bible endorses in: Bible supports in:

Matthew 548

“Be ye perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”.

Similar to that of the Gita, Matthew is stating the need to transcend and live your life in harmony with all the cosmic laws.

The term ‘perfect’ refers to the state of being Complete, Whole [of consciousness].and consciousness.

Becoming Whole is neutralizing fundamental sin-based dynamic through constant transcendence. An imperative spiritual requirement to claim our divine inheritance, our path to higher states of consciousness which, practically talking, has nothing whatsoever to involve pouring water over the head of a baby, with respect. Blessings.

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