10 Cities With Enormously High Homeless Population

The world’s population is growing every day, the numbers of Destitute or homeless people is increasing too. It is even higher, so much that the Human Rights Commission on Human Rights has put together a list of top ten cities with extremely high destitute populations. These individuals are deficient of essential necessities for living and are not even provided with the right place to live. Visit:- https://populer.co.id/

There are many cities across all over the globe where residents are living in poverty and are forced to live their life, living in parks in benches, sleeping on benches trails, or in abandoned areas. The poor population takes on practices of begging, eating from the leftover food and selling the used objects. This is the normal situation that you will see in the top 10 cities with extremely high homeless populations. In modern cities, or any other city, the problem of the homeless population is prevalent in all communities. Here is a list of top town cities with high levels of homeless include:

11. Manila, Philippines: alone in the Philippines There are 1.2 million people living within the Philippines who are homeless. The number of homeless people living in Manila is 70,000. The 22.8 million that live in slums and they are mostly engaged in begging or peddling. The issue of poverty is another one that plagues the cities. This makes this city to make it onto the top ten cities that have extremely high destitute populations’ list.

2- Moscow, Russia: According to the rough estimation that there are between 10,000 and homeless people living in Moscow area, and that’s just. There are 5 million homeless people living in Russia. There is no action taken by the government since the number is growing with every passing day. This is why; this city is in the top ten of cities with the highest number of homeless.

33 Indianapolis, Indiana: This city is home to an alarmingly homeless, and it is growing with every passing year. Though, the former mayor of the city, was the mayor of Indianapolis city. According to a study, the number of destitute people is around 15,000 people each year in Indianapolis. This is the reason researchers count it into the top ten cities with huge numbers of homeless.

44 Chicago, Illinois: The number of destitute people increases each year. They are worried that at the close of year, those living on the streets and living as the beggars will expand. The city is in the top ten cities with extremely significant numbers of homeless.

5 Athens, Greece: the decline in the financial state for the city decreased the living condition of the people living there and there are now some 20,000 homeless people on the streets. 9,000 people are only from Athens homeless. government is not taking any necessary steps to eliminate it therefore, this city is listed among the top ten cities with high homeless populations.

6- Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the year 2000 there were 2,500 homeless residents living in Rio De Janeiro. The abandoned people are living in the streets, and this is the reason Rio De Janeiro is among the top ten cities that have extremely high homeless populations. They are on the streets , and they are engaged in street crime.

7- Rome, Italy: the reason that Rome is among the top ten of cities with the highest number of homeless is because there are 17,000 people who are homeless in Italy and 7,000 of them are from Rome alone. of Rome.

8- San Francisco, USA: This city has another largest number of people who live within the city’s streets. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people are homeless and they are not willing to stay in the shelters offered by the USA government. When you add up this number and the total homeless people is around 10,000 in the San Francisco. This city is also featured as one of the top ten cities that have exceptionally high homeless population.

9- Budapest, Hungary: in the the top ten cities, sixth in homeless population, the top number of homeless persons is those living on their own in Budapest which is about 10,000. The government is taking firm actions to end the problem and there are nearly 6,000 who reside in Budapest just.

1010 Mumbai, India: The condition of the homeless in Mumbai is very alarming as people live on the streets wherever they can get a space. It is estimated that there are about 25,000 homeless people who live on the streets of Mumbai. In all, there are 23 million homeless in India. Mumbai is also one of the top ten of cities that have extremely high home homeless populations.

Each of these cities included in these top ten towns with the highest percentage of homeless striving to address the issue of homeless individuals by taking initiatives. The government of top ten cities with an extremely high homeless population is approaching these people by providing those job opportunities, shelters or a living allowance, but the population has been growing over the past few years. Some of them are succeeding, but some are trying very hard.


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