Get an Exclusive on You With a Reading

A reading is a great method to not just discover aspects of yourself, but also to recognize what you already know and perhaps haven’t put into words. I’ve been to numerous readings throughout my life and always gain something valuable from the experience. What better way to invest your time and energy getting to know you!

  • Astrology Reading I have had readings and charts created for me. They are always interesting. The beauty of astrology nowadays is the fact that there is so much to be found in both the Western and Chinese varieties: natal, daily, monthly, weekly, annual relationship, compatibility, love, work, pets, etc. Each of these readings will help us. Recognizing oneself in the planets, signs, houses and aspects is a wonderful feeling.

       One thing I’m aware of about my own personality is that I strive to stay away from                    household chores. My natal chart showed that I had “problems with daily tasks” and               that I had almost nothing. Visit:-

  • Even though this information isn’t going to make cleaning easier, it’s helped me to understand my personality and helped me feel more confident in my life in this area. What a gift!
  • Face reading: A few years ago, a close friend of mine was able to read my face. She took a look at my head and measured various parts of my face. These unique bumps, spaces and curves have meaning. Face reading refers to the ability to detect faces and judge a person’s physiognomy by taking a look at their faces as well as the structure of their face. My friend had been studying personology, a field developed by a judge and she was an effective jury selector. In the end I had a cool reading that taught me things that other readings had not for instance, such as my round forehead showed imagination and originality. At the time, I was a graphics designer, which matched the description perfectly.
  • Numerology Readings: Numerology has been an interesting science I’ve learned about. I also got my own numerology reports which were very detailed and insightful. These readings will reveal the Life Path number. This number is determined by the date and symbolizes the person’s energetic energy. The energy of the person and who they are within these external happenings is indicated by the full name given at birth. Forecasts can also easily be created using the numbers and the relationship between the numbers and the current date or name. My experience has been that reading the prepared reports was eye-opening and complex in a positive way as I was in a position to read the reports, and gain fresh knowledge every time.
  • Reading Psychic: I have more personal experience and education regarding psychic readings than any other type. My readings have been diverse with the majority of them in person, but some by phone, and include aura, past lives, couple, family, rose musical, female, chakra, and many more. Certain psychic readings have been asking a question of one or more readers and getting answers. Others have specifically focused on one part of me, such that I’m female. When I read female-oriented readings that I’ve received, the person reading clearly saw me as an angel at the time, and the extent to which I longed for children, how much I owned my body as well as the lies I’ve been programmed to believe about being female as well as past lives where I was female and other things. It was my own energy that found strange, something I could not shake, and it wasn’t as I believed. The reader was trained in psychic healing, too and was able to help me release the energy , and then assist me with the issue. My spiritual journey has been greatly enriched by the psychic readings that I received from females and different types. I would highly recommend them.
  • Tarot Reading There was a period in my life that I had a number of tarot cards readings. I receive readings with three cards and then I moved to a reader that could do bigger spreads. I think she was using the Rider-Waite deck. However, there are many decks available to choose from. The readings were always inspiring and energizing, with endless possibilities of what I could do for myself, and I really enjoyed them. I have utilized the Inner Child deck for myself, which is enjoyable. As with all readings, it’s the interpretation that is important in tarot.

These are the kinds of readings that I am familiar with and know are available. There are other methods of divination, like Runes as well as the I Ching. Many people think that a reading all comes down to the person reading it, but we as “readees” have a lot of accountability. However, that’s another article. Human beings know that they require help and guidance and I’m of the opinion that getting a reading is among the most helpful and enlightening experiences we can have. Let’s not overlook the fact that they’re entertaining!

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