Bamboo for Living

Bamboo is among the fastest-growing species on Earth. Within three to seven years, culms can be employed in the construction. While still relatively new on the market the world of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber products have become increasingly popular in recent times mostly due to bamboo’s long-lasting quality and environmentally friendly nature. Bamboo charcoal can be used to make bamboo charcoal bags for deodorizing as well as air purifiers and water purifier, as well as products in care of skin (bamboo charcoal soap and vinegar) and foot, car and bedding. Bamboo charcoal salt green tea toothpaste and bamboo handle toothbrushes are also available.

Bamboo fiber products include towels, socks brassiere, underwear bedding, clothing, bags baby series, and much more. In addition to a variety of bamboo designs, collapsible baskets & coasters and bamboo block placemats, trivets, bamboo kitchenwares and tables, bamboo office supplies and bamboo can be transformed into a bamboo back massager that can give you a helpful hand when needed. Visit:-

Bamboo crafts are a blend of art and function in the form fan jewellery, home decor and jewelry. Bamboo is slowly making its way into our homes, our bedrooms office spaces, our living rooms. This is a fascinating product development even for those who grew up eating fresh and dry bamboo shoots at the dinner table or sitting on bamboo stools and chairs and making use of bamboo pen holders in the study and even sleeping on bamboo mats for their cooling effects in the evening. If you’re not familiar with much about bamboo, maybe it’s time to get acquainted with the idea of bamboo for living and the many benefits it offers.

Bamboo Fiber
Bamboo fiber is a sustainable substance. It’s made from natural bamboo that is popular for its strength, flexibility, and its softness. Bamboo fiber’s unique structure of holes and micro-gaps allows for maximum moisture absorption and ventilation. Bamboo fiber products are naturally antibacterial and have odor-fighting properties. Bamboo fiber blend products like underwear, socks, and towels have shown amazing benefits in terms of moisture, sweat absorption and odor reduction.

Bamboo fiber products enter our lives without a trace, from top to bottom, and from flooring to bedding. Bamboo hand towels are not limited to bath towels. We also offer spa towels and sports towels. You can pick from the variety of bamboo towels: plain, printed or dobby; jacquard; or even embroidered, in the event that you’d like. Bamboo fiber briefs and socks for both men and women are echo-friendly products with impressive features. They are soft and silky, seamless and breathable. They also absorb sweat and help keep your body cool. Bamboo fiber blend underwear, socks and shorts are stretchable and extremely soft after repeated washings.

Bamboo charcoal
Bamboo charcoal is made of bamboo which has been seasoned for at 5 years or more. It’s a wonderful deodorizer and humidifier. In addition to its many traditional benefits, a porous structure of bamboo charcoal is adsorbent and strong enough to purify the air, absorb moisture, neutralize odor and block electromagnetic radiation. It can also improve blood circulation and metabolism, and decrease fatigue. The bamboo charcoal humidifier and deodorizer pouch are eco-friendly and is a great way to control moisture, odor pest control, preserve, and even permeability. These pouches can be positioned in fridges, wardrobes bed racks, shoe racks, pet houses, floors made of wood cabinets, flower pots, as well as exercise backpacks. They’re generally more efficient to be placed in a small and controlled space. They can be used in brand new homes and cars equipped with furniture that has been updated to enhance the smell. The charcoal pouches are able to be reused. To regenerate the odor absorbing and dissolving power of bamboo charcoal, it is suggested that bamboo charcoal pouches recharged from exposure to direct sunlight for a short period of time every month, twice.

Bamboo charcoal can ease and tranquilize the mind by absorbing electromagnetic radiation and blocks electromagnetic waves; negative ions generated by charcoal with a penetrating ability can release a pleasant scent, and produce a calm effect on your mind. The most interesting aspect of this pouch is that the application of bamboo charcoal reminds us how it all began thousands of years ago. A small pouch ornament known as Xiangbao or Xiangdai, contained mixed Chinese herb powder. It was utilized to ward off evil spirits and wickedness and also to bring prosperity and prosperity.

Bamboo Cultural Elements
While the design of bamboo products is modern or contemporary, it is deeply rooted in Asian cultures. It is an expression of the traditional Chinese elements of culture. Here are a few examples.

The Mahogany Bamboo Blocks in a Colored Pattern & Trivet Set, made of strong, natural and dense bamboo is sleek and contemporary. The set is an original arrangement of bamboo blocks in different shapes. It adds an elegant and Zen design to your dining area.

Bamboo collapsible baskets are of various patterns, and some are designed to represent the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Sheep, Horse, Monkey, Dog, Rooster). Rabbit, The Peace Maker is a well-loved bamboo bamboo basket that includes a bamboo-carved rabbit. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, and the adorable and talented rabbit seeks tranquility in life. The piece brightens your room and can spark conversations immediately. A unique spiral-cut design that has a folding feature The basket folds down flat and can be used as a handy trivet, placed on the wall to be a piece of wood art or kept for transport. It is ideal to display desserts, fruits and potpourri, dried flowers, or whatever is that you would like to display. The Bamboo Collapsible Basket (The Fish Factor) is made to resemble an aquatic fish. Fish is the God of water, is the most popular symbol for (swimming toward) prosperity luck, luck, and brightness. It’s supposed to bring joy and prosperity through its deep spiritual significance.

Bamboo Coaster (Qingming Riverside Scene) includes six coasters that come with bamboo holders. It is made of high quality bamboo and is both practical and fashionable. The design is derived by Qingming Shang He Tu, a famous Chinese classic painting. It details festive scenery of bridges, boats, shops and provides a peek at the lifestyle, clothes and the architecture of this particular historic period. Bamboo Coaster (Watertown) depicts from many angles a serene and tranquil Watertown which is known as the Venice of Asian.

Due to bamboo’s excellent properties and its comparative advantages, as more people are conscious of its advantages and demand grows for it so it’s not surprising to see there will be new bamboo products made available in the market. There will be more bamboo products offered to consumers of all ages than only athletes, for instance. Naturally replenishing due to its durable, dense quality bamboo is a sustainable flexible, renewable, and highly sustainable resourcethat is a sustainable, ecologically responsible, eco-friendly alternative to hardwoods.

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