Ukraine IT Myths Dispersed

Ukraine is becoming a popular new IT outsourcing destination, but there are still many myths about it and there is no clear understanding of the opportunities that outsourcing can offer to Ukraine. Let’s take a closer look at some myths and see if there is any truth behind them.
There are no ticks. 1: Ukraine is politically unstable

This myth culminated in the events surrounding the presidential election that led to the Orange Revolution from November to December 2004. But don’t worry at this point. During the Orange Revolution, the Ukrainian people showed a commitment to democratic ideals and prevented the worst scenario from happening by putting a legally elected president into power. The new Ukrainian government has clearly stated its intention to reach the goal of joining the EU and is taking logical steps in that direction. The general political situation in the country is stable and predictable. Unlike some popular outsourcing destinations in Asia, there was no threat of terrorist activity in Ukraine. Visit:-
But even between the most important events in November and December, there was no threat to Ukrainian service provider customers. There were no power outages, internet and phone lines were working normally, and there was no danger to the outsourced project. Many companies participated in ongoing national strikes, but the most urgent tasks could be performed uninterrupted. Ukraine has proven to be a civilized European country in the 21st century.
There are no ticks. 2: Ukraine’s IT infrastructure is underdeveloped

Ukraine’s IT infrastructure is developing rapidly. As a recent study by the Ukrainian Democratic Initiative Foundation and the Kiev Institute for International Sociology showed, 13.1% of Ukrainians own computers. 14% use the internet or email at home or at work. Internet connectivity, which is a major concern, is also developing rapidly. Telecommunications is one of Ukraine’s fastest growing markets, with fiber optics constantly installed, new businesses constantly launching new connectivity services and constantly reducing costs. For example, monthly charges for DSL connections are lower in Ukraine than in India. Broadband internet connectivity and multiple telephone lines are considered essential to IT business. In addition, there is no shortage of high-quality hardware, and IT companies provide powerful, modern computers and servers to their development teams. There are no ticks. 3: Ukraine is a paradise for software pirates

Membership in the WTO is one of the main priorities of the Ukrainian government in 2005. As Ukraine opposes this, its intellectual property law has been amended to comply with WTO rules. Many individual users can use cheap copies of the most popular software products on their PCs, but professional software developers are under strict control and change licensed products to avoid legal issues. Or change it. Companies that can’t afford the price of more expensive software products choose open source solutions, but the problem is addressed in some way. Ukrainian companies are trying to operate legally and do not want to jeopardize their reputation. In addition, much of the professional software, especially for software developers, was not available as a copy in Ukraine. Therefore, it has always been used in a legally licensed format (using IBM RationalTM products and many other products as examples). ..
There are no ticks. 4: Ukraine is not secure when it comes to sensitive information

No matter where the project takes place, special measures need to be taken to protect sensitive information. However, recent reports indicate that India is far more dangerous than Ukraine when it comes to leaking or theft of sensitive information. It is said that background checks are difficult in India, but it is not so problematic in Ukraine. In Ukraine, it is common to outsource clients to enter into nondisclosure agreements with each member of the development team. You can also implement additional security policies to protect sensitive data.
There are no ticks. 5: Ukrainian IT department is not backed by government

The new Ukrainian government has shown great interest and support for foreign investment in the country’s economy and international cooperation. As Ukraine moves towards accession to the EU and WTO, laws, including intellectual property law, are being amended to create a better environment for economic development and growth. This also applies to software development, as information technology is the fastest growing area of ​​the Ukrainian economy.
Exports of information technology products and services from Ukraine reportedly increased by $ 40 million (57%) to $ 110 million in 2004. Exports of the information technology sector of the Ukrainian economy are developing with the greatest dynamics. At the same time, the total number of IT specialists working in the market reached 15,000 at the end of 2004. This was a 50% increase compared to 2003.
There are no ticks. # 6: Ukraine’s IT labor force is cheap

Ukrainian IT salaries were previously low, but are increasing, albeit still lower than Ukrainian IT professional salaries, as the country’s economy develops and integrates into the European and global markets. Ukrainian programmers in the EU and the US have advanced training and skills. As the IT sector of the Ukrainian economy develops, their demand grows and their advanced intellectual work is not cheap. However, outsourcing customers need to understand that cheap labor is not a reason to choose an outsourcing provider. This is because it can cause long-term problems and lead to increased costs rather than savings. The reason for many outsourcing failures is actually customers looking for cheap labor and monitoring quality and efficiency issues.

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