Yes, All Women Deserve Dignity

After the massive abuse of Bangalore, there was a wave of setbacks on social media. Anger and disappointment come from almost every resort, but not perfect. #NotAllMen started taking care of him on Twitter when he came out to protest the generalization that men are all perverts. In response, the #YesWomen movement gained momentum again as it tried to explain to men what it means to be a woman in today’s society and how much women experience sexual harassment every day.
This is not the first time to justify a life-worthy reason for women not to be bothered or sexually harassed. Among those who have not yet experienced it, the general consensus is that the everyday problems women experience in casual sexism are just a small inconvenience, quite different from the more legitimate fear of rape. .. What is unacceptable is that crossing the street or being handcuffed while walking a dog is a traumatic event in itself. Women around the world are forced to justify why they are helpless and frightened in situations where the world is at best uncomfortable.
Here are some facts: teasing Eve is sexual violence. It is the deliberate management of mental distress. This includes “vulgar remarks, obscene suggestions, unwanted gestures on hands, feet, fingers and other organs, attempts at physical contact, etc. Comments on women’s appearance and body are also jokes. You can see it, “as defined in a 2014 survey. ..
The average case of sexual harassment can be anything. It could be your milkman watching you count your money. It can be a collision and a scream in a crowded bus hiding behind your fingers. Your boss may insist on entering the pool outside the site, or your colleague may be joking about what you’re wearing under a carefree blouse. If you know he’s not talking about your height, it could be your uncle screaming how you grew up. Singing a Bollywood voyeur when leaving home or asking a third downstairs neighbor when her husband is at home may be a strange guy on the street. Visit:-
The 2014 survey above was conducted at the University of Calicut, Kerala. He asked 120 students how they responded to the ridicule of the previous day. When harassment occurs, almost everyone is willing to respond by facing the attacker directly or by complaining about higher authority. However, only 1,444 pests were recorded on the eve of 2015. Why are no women talking anymore? Let’s understand it.
In the case of bullying, three emotions take over. Fear of low bullying rates.
Shame, blame the victims, the grotesque unfair consequences of a lifetime of moral vigilance, the shame of being surprised again, the shame of the complete despair of our situation.
The powerlessness of controlling our bodies is constantly being deprived of us.
There is nothing to prepare for the ensuing anger and frustration. The amount of used gossip, public reading, or wrong movies doesn’t prepare you for the personal and painful experience of robbing you with passing gestures. If you want what you’ve accomplished before, if you reimagine all the scenarios in which your justice will occur. Even if you get the chance to involve an attacker, it comes with a ferocious anger that comes from a place of complete vulnerability. You are a target just because you are a woman. Every situation has the potential for violence for you. Everyone can hurt you. Living every day with this knowledge is traumatic.
The results are clear as well. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, personality disorders, addiction, and suicide can be the result of sexual harassment and rape. It is cruel to rape someone’s harassment experience on the street and demand that they face physical and cruel violence.

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