London Excel Motor Show 2006

Show the car in London Haven area Excel is a collection of new cars, concept design and all the new innovation on the car safety screen; I was very impressed with the safety aspect of the French manufacturer Renault. This car show has a collection of cars worth about £ 10m, which in my opinion was not enough with the apparent absence of the manufacturers of big better cars, like Ferrari, but still there was a decent collection of cars exhibited .
One of the programs for me was the new Cadillac Escalade 2007, it looked like slick and a little longer than the previous models, the interior is full of the last gargets needed to move in your own lounge on the wheels , We know well The American manufacturers have the best in technology and comfort in their cars, and here, in this program, US car manufacturers have an impressive muscle sign that they can collect. Chrysler has a 2007 model of Chrysler 3000 Touring Salon and Food, the lounge I want, but the farm has my blood movement, this model offers a standard option of 4 car sizes in Europe, another American in the show Was the Jeep Other 2007 Model Commander The design for the Jeep has always remained the same change in its general design. According to his information package I picked up in the program, they are calling this, it’s a “product offensive that will continue to grow with new deals that take advantage of legendary jeep leadership at 4x4s”. As far as I am concerned, I do not see how they can continue to say that Jeep is a leader at 4×4, when we face the country rovers and the 4x4s of Japanese, and finally at the caliber and Nitro Dodge. The nitro looks like something outside star wars, like the helmet of a soldier of the storm, maybe it’s because I’m in science, why I see it.
We should not forget the Europeans who arrived at the performance with their usual style, I have to confess that the new Peugeot 907 was a show to see that it was dyed and even standing, it looked like it was 200,000 per Hour through the highway did. . The Germans were not disappointed with their ordinary precision with the new Mercedes McLaren Mercedes, which I’m sure that all the technologies of their formula one-racing cars were incorporated into this road car, as well as designs of news from Supermotors.

We saw the new Alfa Romeo Spider with so smooth as the way Italys always build their cars that look like sexy as they do with their cars. As far as the British is concerned, they did not disappoint at all, they came their usual style of the heathen and luxury with Bentley, I’m sure we will see the new Bentley in a new Rapvideo because it’s a car to consider. Other manufacturers of British cars such as Land Rover and I like the new Freelander. As well as the new and improved Range Rover. Visit:-
The BMW was from the show, which I think was a mistake on their part, because only the people who love BMW would have noticed when they were going, but they also have a wide variety of cars that have a child Run would make. The joy and elegant lists enjoy the luxury of the 7 BMW series, I am surprised when I see the 4-door version of an Aston Martin as far as I am concerned, it is the worst car in the program, no matter what Someone says Aston. Martin must stay in a 2-by Super Car, the version I saw in the show looks like a mix of a front of Aston Martin and a back of Vectra, which I know will be a big mistake if They continue to manufacture masses the version this can ultimately how the error received by Lorean’s DMC-12.
Asia manufacturers, such as Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, and Mazda, with new cars on the Mazdas Roadster Coupe program, could be a little too small for me, but it looks like a car you can get for Your wife or girlfriend, see great. , There was the usual mix of Japanese design on the new cars in the market and its vision of the future in their conceptual cars, this car I call toys, I love always see what we can drive in the near future, in This show I didn’t see so much conceptual as I want, but what I saw was an excellent design and fat good for the future in the design of cars.

The Kia car company was here in the show, also by liberating a new car in the market, and I have the hot emotions of Lukas about the car it was designed, I found that there was no great imagination That the company likes to get into your car. Another car in the market, but just my opinion. The best part of the program for me was the handling test to see how far the technology progressed in terms of safety on 4 wheels, was well impressed. We went to a rail test division for 4×4’s the rock and the usual suitcases to drive and it was good, but what took me away from the breath was the climb of an angle of 35 degrees, I mean I had the Cab from 4×4 and I looked up in the sky, in a moment I felt that the car had approached its roof and then came down from our climb, the pedal driver rose

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