Amazon Is Participating in Illegal Price Fixing and Monopoly Fraud

Amazon is taking part in illicit value fixing and imposing business model trick. The manner in which it works. I’m another vender at Amazon. I sourced items from US put together wholesalers and presented it with respect on Amazon.

These items all have UPCs and brand proprietors have made these postings on Amazon before me. All I am doing is posting my stock and selling these items, fundamentally vieing for the “purchase box”.

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Not many days after I started selling, my record got closed down. Amazon sent me a message that I may be offering unauthentic items and requested that I submit solicitations, arrangements and whatever other data that might demonstrate something else.

I did everything and then some. I shipped off Amazon every one of the agreements, solicitations, contact subtleties of the wholesalers.

Amazon got a very sizable amount of data that they need to confirm. No one tried to confirm anything. I accept no one at Amazon has even taken a gander at it. It’s simply not being explored as Amazon guarantees. Answers are PC created and conventional messages sent by a product.

A few going to and fro, Amazon has been sending me messages saying that I am not selling bona fide items, even get-togethers gave a mind-boggling measure of data demonstrating something else. Nothing gets past. No human peruses it period.

Here is the explanation. Amazon doesn’t need outsider dealers advancing brands and selling it under a specific cost, all things considered Amazon will get less cash-flow in commissions, yet it’s unlawful to uphold it along these lines. It’s against syndication laws. It additionally permits brand proprietors to conflict with high court rule from 2017 – you get it, you own It, so venders don’t accepting marked things at the discount costs to show it on Amazon underneath MSRP. This law “you get it you own it” obviously says that on the off chance that you bought a thing lawfully, it’s yours to do as you wish and the brand proprietor waves every one of the rights.

Lawfully brand proprietors can’t say that they don’t need outsider dealers. Amazon is permitting this situation all things being equal, the creator – brand proprietor and the vender are something very similar and no outsider merchant can approach. That is value fixing and hoarding. That way brand proprietors can value their items on Amazon at the most elevated potential costs, Amazon makes more in commissions and brand proprietors don’t need to stress over underselling items at discount costs. This is the greatest trick, all things considered, when you are managing most of portion of the overall industry. We are discussing billions of dollars. This is FRAUD! Everybody wins with the exception of the minuscule bug like me – the dealer that should be secured by the US laws, laws that flopped hopelessly. It seems like I am living in a third world country, not the United States. My privileges are disregarded and no one is doing anything about it.

It doesn’t take a virtuoso on Amazon to add channels in Amazon’s information base, where it’s a checkmark – outsider merchants permitted per item or not, that would be illicit. Rather Amazon permits everybody to list as they wish, making it appear as though everything is as indicated by laws and easily imagine that venders are posting fake items (as they notice might be fake), closing down their records dependent on presumption and requesting to give documentation that no one is in any event, exploring at Amazon!!!! Amazon is in on this trick with brand proprietors and it’s tragic that our American legal executive framework is permitting it to happen.Where are the US laws. Where is the bill of rights? Where is the unrestricted economy? This is unlawful, this is 100% FRAUD. I’m not sure where the US congress is taking a gander at and why it is permitted to proceed.

I’m one of countless survivors of this and I need it to stop!

P.S. Somebody I know went through a similar cycle and inevitably, he made significantly more deals contrasted with me and Amazon frozen $4,000 for him. Scarcely any days prior, Amazon sent this individual the accompanying (not just Amazon is submitting FRAUD, they have taken cash from this individual):

In the wake of finishing our examination and exploring the data you gave, not set in stone that your Amazon dealer account has been utilized to participate in tricky, false, or criminal behavior (WTF?) that hurts our clients, other selling accomplices, and our store. What happens now? The assets in your record won’t be dispensed to you. This is a ultimate conclusion made in the wake of assessing the data you gave. We may not react to additional messages about this issue. Where would i be able to discover more data about this arrangement? On the off chance that you have inquiries regarding this choice, if it’s not too much trouble, audit our assistance page in Seller Central at the accompanying link:…

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